Sunday, March 4, 2012

Official Video- Horizon of Plastic Caskets

1). This is a new video for Xasthur, even though the band is dead.
There was a ton of leftover scenes, footage and ideas that were not used by the director during the last video that were used for this "Horizon of Plastic Caskets" video.
Interesting artists can get in touch with the director at:
(please have a reasonable budget)

2). Because there were a few people that wondered what happened to the tons of previously unreleased songs that I had, Avantgarde (Italy) is pressing a collection of those songs on an album called 'Nightmares at Dawn' coming out very soon.

The album will have some odd songs and strange surprises. You'll probably hate it though, that's not one of the surprises. Avantgarde will also be pressing some older ep reissues and those too will have some extra songs from a few years ago, before the ending.

3). There will be some other news soon. The new post-Xasthur band is taking forever due to a lot of disappointments, in people, myself being one of them.
But in all due time; I'm not in a big hurry.