Thursday, September 30, 2010

Official Xasthur Video

Yeah, well I fucking hate 'self-promotion' most of the time and I've usually found ways not to do it, but in this case, if something is official then it's official and I'd better speak up about it, right?

A friend who has had an interest in film making for quite some time had a vision that he wanted to capture for the song "Walker of Dissonant Worlds", I thought it was an interesting idea and I agreed to it because I wanted to help with this experimentation. It's not all nice and pretty like most "black metal" videos, sorry. All we had to work with was our own backyard. By the way, I'm also in the video here and there to help make it official.
Yes, I know... the timing is strange because I have nothing to promote and I am very sick and tired of Xasthur, but I never had an official video, so what the hell...

credit where credit's due: robert, julio, ian.